The Commercial Energy Efficiency Retrofit as an Investment
For so long now as a collaborator in the energy efficiency space, I have seen numerous approaches to selling the concept of performing energy efficiency retrofits in the commercial space. The tactics have been to show reductions in operational costs for building owners, monetizing goodwill for being environmentally responsible, and even to
Some of the highlights of the study include:
  • Electricity consumed by commercial office buildings represents 37 percent of California’s total electricity consumption. Based on the U.S. average, energy efficiency improvements could cut that usage by 80 percent.
  • Only 60 percent of all new commercial building construction meets California energy efficiency standards. With a minimal two percent increase in construction costs, new buildings can be designed to use one-third to one-half less energy than they use today.
  • Energy efficient buildings retain higher real estate value, commanding higher rents (6-7 percent) and maintaining higher occupancy rates than less efficient buildings.
  • Simple energy efficiency improvements to existing buildings, such as insulating window films, yield three dollars in savings on average for every dollar invested.